Toning Shoes: Justice is Served!? Don’t Fall Prey to False Advertising.

Last year I wrote about toning shoes.  Just to summarize:  it is not the shoe that tones your behind, it is what you do while wearing the shoes and what you eat that makes your butt smaller.  Do you really think the models they show wearing the shape up or similar shoes in their commercials eat potato chips or have a few beers in the evening after a long photo shoot?  I have worked out with professional models and I can tell you first hand that they are not relying on the shoe to make their bodies beautiful.  If you want to exercise to improve your body, I can help keep your foot from hurting.  That’s what I do!  Don’t let foot pain be an excuse and don’t rely on a shoe. 

The University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse Sports Medicine Department has shown that the claims made by Skechers about their Shape Up shoes are false.  Now it has cost Skechers $40,000,000 and the administration still refuses to admit their mistake or false claims.  The $40 million is a small slap on the wrist compared to the billions of dollars they have made on this one shoe model.  Read the link below and don’t become a victim of false advertising. 

Remember:  Shoes don’t fix feet, Podiatrists do!!

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