“I healed fine without further problems”
“Last year I broke my little toe.  I know you think big deal, right?  There’s nothing you can do for a broken toe anyway.  Well I went to see Dr. Geller because the pain was pretty bad and my toe was crooked.

First of all Dr. Geller’s staff was great.  Kind, compassionate, and they really understand insurance.  I felt comfortable immediately.  Dr. Geller showed me my x-rays and put my toe back into place.  The pain went away almost right away.  I happened to see my chiropractor a few days later and he was very impressed with the improved position after taking x-rays himself.  I healed fine without further problems, but recently over did it a bit and went back to Dr. Geller.  The same foot different problem.  I saw my x-rays and can’t even tell where my little toe was broken.

So much for thinking there’s nothing you can do for a broken toe.”

Thank you so much Dr. Geller and staff,

Lynn Williams

“Saved Hawaiian Vacation”
Thank you Dr. Geller for saving my Hawaiian vacation.  Dropping a granite counter top on my toe just before leaving for Hawaii was scary.  Everything you told me about my toe fracture was right on.  I would not have cared for my toe the same way.  If it was not for your experience and advice my vacation would have been ruined.  I love your no nonsense approach to my injury.  I was able to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii without pain.  I was able to swim, hike, and even snorkel.  I am grateful to you.

Dr. J. C. Richer

“A Big Part of My Life”

Once upon a time I had a bunion that I wanted to get removed. My mom and I went to the doctors for them to look at it. The doctor I saw at that time said I needed the bunion removed right away. Long story short, four surgeries later, I ended up in the hospital. We got a new doctor, which was Dr. Geller, and let’s just say he’s an amazing doctor! He has helped me through so many surgeries and a big part of my life that I won’t ever forget! A year and a half later, I finally got my foot back and I know it was because of him. I want to thank him and everyone that was a part of my life putting my foot back together again! It’s awesome being able to walk again with matching shoes on both feet. I love you Man!


“We will be forever thankful to Dr. Geller”

My family and I met Dr. Geller in a crisis. Three months earlier, our 13 year-old daughter Chelsea had routine surgery to remove a bunion from her foot. Unfortunately complications from her original surgery resulted in her having multiple surgeries by three other doctors that only seemed to make things worse. When we arrived at Maricopa Medical Center emergency room late on a Sunday night, Chelsea was admitted immediately and spent the next 9 days under Dr. Geller’s care. His diagnosis was precise – osteomyelitis – an infection in her bone, somehow missed by the previous doctors. Over the course of the next several months, Dr. Geller performed several additional surgeries and saw my daughter weekly in clinic follow-up visits. One surgery was to fuse the bones of her big toe to compensate for the loss of the tendon and the destruction of the joint due to the infection. The last surgery was to finally close the wound. Later with a bit of humor, but more like an Army general relating how he wiped out the enemy, he explained how late into the night before Chelsea’s final surgery he cut paper doll-like patterns to determine the best way to close the wound. Today, about 1 year after first seeing Dr. Geller, Chelsea walks with hardly any evidence of the fact that she could have lost a major part of her foot.

We will be forever thankful to Dr. Geller and his staff for their professional skills and tenacity in treating our daughter’s wound. But most of all, his compassion was reflected in his treatment of our daughter in that she felt cared for like she was his daughter. Thank you Dr. Geller for your excellence.

Randy & Shauna (Chelsea’s parents)

“Within 1 Week My Problem Was Solved”

I suffered from heel pain so bad I could hardly walk.  I was afraid to have it looked at because it hurt so bad, but the pain started to affect my work.  I went to see Dr. Geller.  He explained what was wrong and how to fix it.  I was taught some stretching exercises for my foot and ankle, how to ice my heel, and prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills.  Believe me, within one week the problem was solved!  I was able to work and walk without heel pain.  The pain in my heel has not returned after 4 months and I stretch just how Dr. Geller showed me to everyday.  I can’t believe it took me as long as it did to find someone who knew what they were talking about.  Thank you Dr. Geller from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly Hedt

“Taken the pain away completely!”

Dr. Geller knew I was having a great deal of pain in my left foot and ankle area and I was having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings.  He introduced me to his plantar fascia night splint and  I will always be grateful to him.  The night splint proved so helpful.  It is light-weight, sturdy, easy to use, and very effective.  Now mornings are so much better!  The plantar fascia night splint has taken the pain away completely.  Even getting up at night is no longer a problem.  The splint is easy to walk in yet never comes apart.  I feel safe wearing the night splint.  It is hard to believe such a simple looking device could take all of the pain away so quickly and easily.  It is so comfortable in bed that I often forget I am wearing it.  Another advantage that I did not expect was the decreased swelling.  I develop swelling in my ankles and legs during the day and the night splint has actually controlled this problem.  I think the plantar fascia night splint is wonderful and very effective.

Thank you Dr. Geller.

Mildred H. Shaw