Phoenix Foot Specialist

Diagnosing and treating flat feet in Phoenix

Phoenix foot specialist

Phoenix foot specialist

If the arches inside your feet are flattened, your arches touch the floor, and the soles of your feet touch the floor when you stand up, you most likely have flat feet. Flat feet is a very common foot condition. While sometimes the condition is painless, there are cases in which the condition could be painful and would require the patient to see a Phoenix foot specialist for treatment.

There are different available treatment options that a Phoenix foot specialist like ours at Desert Foot Surgeons could recommend. Some common treatments include orthotics and foot and ankle support devices. However, there are other options to treat a flat foot condition, which are determined by the doctor and will vary from patient to patient. If you have symptoms and suspect that you might have flat feet, we recommend that you see our expert podiatrist at Desert Foot Surgeons for an evaluation. Our professional podiatrist will evaluate you and will discuss all the available treatment options that are specific to your particular situation. You’ll be in great hands with our podiatrist at Desert Foot Surgeons. Our expert, Dr. Stephen Geller, DPM, is double board certified in primary podiatric medicine and in podiatric surgery. He has the experience and the credentials to not only treat your flat feet condition; but all your podiatric care needs. Dr. Geller offers the following services: diabetic foot and wound care, bunions and hammertoes, cosmetic foot surgery, reconstructive rear foot surgery, ankle/foot fractures and sprains.

If you would like to learn more about flat feet or about the podiatric services we offer at Desert Foot Surgeons, you should consult with our Phoenix foot specialist. Call our office right now to schedule your appointment. One of our friendly staff members looks forward to your call and to assisting you.

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