Reconstructive Foot Surgeon in Phoenix

Phoenix foot surgery

Reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix

Reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix

Have you been suffering with pain at the back of your foot, around the heel? If so, you should see our foot doctor regarding care of your foot pain. It may be that you should have reconstructive rear foot surgery as a way to get rid of this painful condition forever. If you are interested in seeing a reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix, you should see our doctor at Desert Foot Surgeons.

At Desert Foot Surgeons, our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix is Dr. Stephen Geller. Dr. Geller is an expert and highly-trained foot surgeon. He is able to treat the most challenging foot problems. He often treats athletes with foot pains, and patients with diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and victims of strokes and blood clot complications. He takes on many surgical patients that other doctors may feel are too difficult to treat. Our entire staff works together to make sure that you get the special tests, care, and after surgical treatment that you may need. When you need to be treated by a reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix, you can do no better than to come to our foot surgery practice for comprehensive treatment and care.

Our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix is an expert at treating patients who need to have reconstructive rear foot surgery. This type of surgery will cure pain that is being felt in the ankle or heel. Our surgery will help alleviate pain, or reduce any deformity your foot may be affected by. This reconstructive rear foot surgery will also help you restore function to your foot. There are many conditions that can affect the rear of the foot. Luckily, you will not always need surgery to resolve these problems, and surgery should never be a first choice of treatments. However, when other treatment methods do not work, or it is clear that surgery is the only way to resolve the problem, Dr. Geller and his team of experts will be able to provide you with the treatment that you need. For example, foot surgery may be needed for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs when conventional treatments do not offer pain relief. If you are suffering from chronic heel pain, contact our office for a consultation. There is no reason to have to go through the rest of your life with your painful heel or ankle problem.

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