Reconstructive Foot Surgeon in Phoenix

Reconstructive rear foot surgery in Phoenix

Reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix

Reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix

Here at Desert Foot Surgeons, the well-being of your feet is our highest priority. And we utilize many methods, tools, and strategies to address and treat any problems you might have. In some cases, we will be able to use non-invasive means to relieve your pain and get you back to feeling normal again. However, when those options prove to be insufficient or ineffective, you can depend on our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix.

Reconstructive rear foot surgery refers to a variety of possible ways in which surgery can be employed to solve your problem. Sometimes, repairs to your foot are required before pain can be eradicated and healing can commence. Our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix can perform surgery that will allow you to improve the stability of your foot or to stop the progression of a foot disease or other condition.

What exactly is involved with reconstructive rear foot surgery? In some instances, it may mean repairing a tendon. Fusing bones, bone grafts, and joint implants are also among the things that can be done to effect a positive outcome when needed. Our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix may even remove a tumor or in the most extreme cases perform an amputation. This type of surgery can be very complicated and may involve in the use of screws, staples, pins, or other fastening tools. Of course, a cast might also be needed to keep everything protected during the vital time of healing and rehabilitation.

We never suggest that you, our valued patient, should have foot surgery unless we have determined that the benefits you will get from having it will outweigh the risks of having the procedure done and the inconvenience of being unable to be on your feet or the interference with your normal routine. But in nearly every instance where our reconstructive foot surgeon in Phoenix recommends a surgical answer, it is when you are already suffering with difficulties that make living your life challenging or even impossible. Let us make the difference in improving things for you. Call us and schedule an examination. It’s the first step toward alleviating the problems you have right now.

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