Quick Recovery From Bunion Surgery

How are you going to take care of yourself after bunion surgery?  There are a lot of factors involved in planning for your surgery, not only by me, but more importantly by you.  If you have not already done so, download a copy of my ebook, “Top 3 Things To Know Before Surgery”.

Here are some things you need to plan for after your bunion surgery to make the recovery as easy as possible.

  1. Which foot is having surgery?  If it is your right foot, you will not be allowed to drive until the bone is healed.  This is a huge factor for everyone.  How dependent are you on your car?  Your recovery may involve physical therapy besides doctors visits, work, getting kids or grandkids to their various activities.  Plan for carpooling before your surgery to save you the headache and temptation to drive, which will slow your healing if you don’t follow instructions.  Your left foot is much easier unless you drive a standard transmission (stick shift).
  2. Weight bearing:  Bunion surgery involves creating a surgical break in your bone.  The area where your bone is broken will determine if you are allowed to walk after your surgery or if you will need a period of time without putting weight on your foot.  At Desert Foot Surgeons we discuss all of the options before your surgery and make training has been satisfactory before you have your surgery.  The various ways to stay off your foot are crutches, wheelchair, or knee walker.  A cane or walker are not adequate assistive devices for keeping weight off of your foot.
  3. The kitchen is the most dangerous room to be in after you have foot surgery!  Why such a harsh statement condemning the room everyone gathers to on a daily basis?  Cabinets!!  The area under your cabinet is just big enough to get a foot under, but when you have a surgical shoe, boot, or cast on your foot, not so much.  Appropriately named the toe kick, more often than not a patient will get their foot stuck beneath the kitchen cabinet and damage their surgery trying to get the foot out.  I find it easier just to avoid the cabinet area of your kitchen all together.  Prepare a weeks worth of meals before you have surgery.
  4. Three days of doing nothing.  If you can give me 3 days of laying in bed or on the couch with your foot above your heart, ice behind your knee, and barely take any steps; I can assure you that swelling, pain, and ultimately recovery time will all be much less.  The better behaved you are following the directions the first 3 days, the better your bunion surgery experience will be.


I want your surgical experience to go as smooth as possible.  The way to make sure this happens is to be prepared before you have surgery.