Phoenix AZ Foot Doctor

Taking care of your feet in Phoenix

Our feet take constant use and abuse from our bodies every single day of our lives, and yet they rarely get the care and attention they need. Caring for your feet is a necessity in order to keep these extremities in proper working order, as well as working to avoid serious health problems which can occur as a result. While many of us are aware that patients with diabetes need to lookout for their feet, the truth is that patients of all ages and levels of health need to be taking proper care of their feet. Fortunately, you can always find the help you need to keep your feet in perfect working order with your local Phoenix AZ foot doctor at the welcoming offices of the Desert Foot Surgeons.

For patients who do not live with a chronic illness, certain precautions and measures still need to be taken every day of your lives, whether you’re going barefoot or spending a day at the office. When you go outside with your favorite pair of sandals, patients should take care to apply sunscreen to both the tops and the bottoms of the feet. Skin cancer can happen anywhere on the body, including the feet, which can become sun burned without proper care. Your Phoenix AZ foot doctor advises against walking barefoot on any kind of stone or concrete surface in the summer, as burns can occur to the soles of your feet. Burns need to be treated by your podiatrist as soon as possible to avoid infection.

If your day involves constant monitoring and frequent testing to keep blood glucose levels in check, you need to take care to insure your feet are well cared for. Patients with diabetes will also suffer from poor blood circulation of the feet. This often means that patients should never go barefoot, even within the home, as the loss of circulation often causes loss of feeling in the feet to the point that mild to severe injuries can go without notice. Your Phoenix AZ foot doctor advices patients with diabetes to take care to keep feet warm and dry, especially between the toes, as fungus has a greater chance of turning deadly. Diabetic patients should receive regular podiatry check-ups to insure their feet are always in perfect health.

For the best in foot care for patients of all ages and levels of need, be sure to visit the experts at your local Phoenix AZ foot doctor. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the Desert Foot surgeons are always available for foot problems of all kinds, from the mild to the severe, with expert knowledge and advanced technology to help you keep your feet in perfect health.