Hammertoes, Early Treatment and Prevention

Hammertoes develop when the toes buckle under the pressure of walking on an unstable foot. When your foot pronates too much, the muscles work harder to support your arch. If your foot remains unstable the toes bend as muscles fight to prevent the arch collapsing while you walk. Left untreated the toes will stay curled leading to corns, calluses, and pain.

Early treatment is important. At Desert Foot Surgeons we perform a detailed examination including video gait analysis to identify the reason for the unstable arch. If you do not correct the true cause of the problem it will only return. Foot orthotics are used to stabilize the arch and prevent hammertoes in the early stages. Once the toes stay bent treatment involves changing the shoes that push on the painful toe or surgically straightening the toe.

Dr. Stephen Geller, AZ Podiatrist