Hammertoe Surgery Without Visible Scar

Cosmetic foot surgery most often involves hiding the scar.  When surgically straightening a hammertoe, it is easiest to place the incision on the top of the toe.  This leaves the scar in an area where you can see it every day.  Worse yet, if you are one of those people who does not scar well, other people can see the scar.  In these photos you can see before and after surgery.  What do you notice besides the pink toenails instead of the french pedicure?  Surgery was performed on the 2nd and 4th toes.  Remember to begin counting with the big toe as number 1.  The 2nd toe is still a little bit swollen since this is only 6 weeks after surgery, but it is shorter and the “bumpy” appearance and pain are gone.  If you notice the 4th toe before and after, look at the toenail.  You can tell the toe is less turned after surgery because you can see more of the toenail.  What you can’t see are the scars.

You may be a candidate for cosmetic foot surgery to correct your hammertoes.