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It is not uncommon for someone to feel self conscious about their feet. The appearance of the skin on your feet, the shape of your toes, or the presence of any irregularities or growths can have you shying away from the beach, poolside, or even certain types of shoes. If you find yourself constantly wearing socks to hide the appearance of your feet, then you may benefit from an appointment with our Phoenix foot surgeon, Dr. Stephen Geller. A consultation with Dr. Geller here at Desert Foot Surgeons can help bring to light some cosmetic foot surgery that can alleviate your foot concerns.

Podiatrist Phoenix Arizona

Podiatrist Phoenix Arizona

Here at Desert Foot Surgeons, we can provide you with comprehensive foot care, whether they are medical or cosmetic. Our Phoenix foot surgeon, Dr. Geller, can meet with you to thoroughly examine your feet. Once Dr. Geller has heard your concerns and has examined your feet, he will be able to determine what work needs to be done to bring you the results you want. Among some of the procedures we perform include the correction of hammer toes, bunion surgery, a foot face lift, foot narrowing, toe shortening, toe lengthening, toe tuck, toe thinning or nail resizing. These procedures can not only have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your feet but can even help you walk with ease. Surgeries such as those for hammer toes and bunions can significantly improve comfort and help prevent future foot problems as well.

Though surgeries, such as toe shortening and toe lengthening, may seem as though they are performed for purely cosmetic reasons, they have other uses as well. For an individual with long toe, which is just that – a long toe – though it is typically the second toe, one can experience excessive pressure from shoes, often resulting in the formation of calluses on the top of the long toe and may eventually progress into a hammertoe. Our Phoenix foot surgeon can perform toe shortening surgery so that the patient is no longer at the risk of developing a hammertoe. To learn more about cosmetic foot surgery, visit our website.

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