Foot Pain, Tendonitis, and Shin Splints: Announcing Another Resource Desert Foot Surgeons Has For You

“You can’t heal until the inflammation is gone!”

If you have heard me say this before than you also know that at Desert Foot Surgeons, I recommend using ice, stretching, and Biofreeze as methods to relieve inflammation.  There are pills I prescribe and shots I can give to relieve inflammation as well, but these can be scary to some people.  Let’s face it, there is a movement away from drugs because we are seeing that continued abuse of some of these medications affects your entire body.  Natural methods to relieve inflammation have been around since man first walked on two feet and anything that has stood the test of time that long has to have some merit.

One thing that makes Desert Foot Surgeons different is that I have always been athletic, working out nearly everyday of the week.  Because of this level of activity I get injured just like you.  I understand how hard it is to make inflammation go away with a busy work schedule, kids, and the various other demands on your life.  Still when you are in pain it means there is inflammation and you can’t heal until the inflammation is gone.  There are a ton of methods to relieve inflammation, and I have tried all of them.  Therapeutic massage, yoga, acupuncture, various relaxation methods (if you know me, you know I’m no good at these), you name it I have probably tried it.  I am always looking for massage therapists and yoga studios to recommend for my patients.

What makes me most excited about the new office location on 44th street and Camelback in Phoenix is the friendships I have made in such a short time with other business owners in the area.  I’m happy to tell you about a business I think will be a huge asset to patients at Desert Foot Surgeons.  I have found you a business that contains all of the things I recommend quite often.  Massage, yoga, spa services.

Spa Lamar is located at 5155 N. Scottsdale Road (480.945.7066).  Services at Spa Lamar include the usual spa services such as hair styling, manicures, and pedicures, plus services that I’ve never been able to find under one roof.  Heidi Lamar has been developing her spa for years and with recent expansions has been able to include a yoga studio and massage therapists in her spa among the pool and hot tub, steam room, and dry sauna.  The first Wednesday night of the month, if you bring a friend, you can enjoy live music and snacks to help with that relaxation that I find so difficult.  What’s best is with the pricey resort spas in the same area, Spa Lamar is truly priced for the locals.  You will not get this level of service at a comparable price anywhere in the area.

When you’re in pain don’t forget:  You Can’t Heal Until The Inflammation is Gone!