Dress Your Feet – Selecting Proper Socks

You probably don’t even think about them unless you lose one in the wash.  They are left balled up in a drawer.  Half asleep, you reach in blindly and grab the first pair you make contact with.  You give more consideration to them when you use them for dusting rather than when you wear them.

Socks!  What other particle of clothing has so many uses?  They help to keep your feet clean, warm, and dry, fight dry skin, cushion and protect your soles.  Some people use them as a form of expression and others just an accessory.  Even when they are worn out and no longer suitable for your feet you can use them to polish furniture, shine shoes, wash your car, cover your golf clubs, or make a puppet.

At Desert Foot Surgeons, our talk about socks is not limited to just patients with diabetes.  Socks can make a difference and help in your treatment.  Dr. Geller talks about the fibers used to make the sock, thickness of the material and padding.

The fibers used to make socks are either natural fibers or man-made (acrylic).  Natural fibers are cotton and wool.  You didn’t have to grow up in New Jersey, like Dr. Geller, to know that wool is itchy.  Socks made of cotton and wool are criticized for being too tight and the seams too rough, in other words uncomfortable.  When it comes to keeping your feet dry, natural fibers are not as good as man-made materials.

Acrylic materials are combinations of polyester, nylon, and elastic fibers.  When these types of socks are made with increased cushioning, they are better at keeping moisture away from your skin compared to natural fibers.  The material is softer and the seams easily hidden.  Padded socks made of man-made materials have been shown to lower the pressure on your feet.  Elastic can be increased so that the socks can be used to help prevent swelling.

No matter what material they are made from socks cannot replace shoes.  Walking in socks does not provide the support or protection that a shoe does.  Especially for those of you who have diabetes with loss of feeling in your feet, you cannot walk inside or outside in socks alone.

At Desert Foot Surgeons, Dr. Geller does the shopping for you.  We carry special diabetic socks.  These are high quality, padded acrylic socks especially good for our patients with diabetes.  Even if you don’t have diabetes, these socks are good for people who are athletic or work in areas where your feet are exposed to moisture.  Please give your socks the consideration they deserve and dress your feet.