Bunions in Glendale AZ

Treating bunions in Glendale AZ

Bunions in Glendale AZ

Bunions in Glendale AZ

The amount of trouble that bunions can cause is out of proportion to their size. Fortunately, you have us at Desert Foot Surgeons, as your specialist when it comes to treating bunions in Glendale AZ. And most of the time, the options are of the non-invasive variety. Surgery is held off as a last resort, only if simpler methods are not effective or are insufficient to provide the needed outcome.

If you’re wondering the exact nature of a bunion, it’s a bony protrusion that develops at the base of your big toe, at the point where the joint attaches to the remainder of your foot. Heredity is a factor, but the primary causes can be traced back to the way you walk, having flat feet, or the most common reason of all, wearing shoes that are too tight in the toe area. Many women may recognize this as a typical trait of high heels. And that is why women get bunions with greater frequency than men do. What is most important when you have bunions in Glendale AZ, is to seek out our foot doctor for an examination and evaluation. There may not be any discomfort initially, but if you are experiencing pain, you should not ignore it or try to tough it out. Walking can become difficult or even excruciating. It may become impossible to put your shoes on. Our foot doctor might recommend orthotics (shoe inserts), such as bunion pads or arch supports, so that your weight will be redistributed and take pressure off the toe joint. It is a good idea to switch to more comfortable and roomy shoes, also.

There are solutions to help with bunions in Glendale AZ. Take that essential first step. Call our office and set up an appointment to be seen by our foot doctor.

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Podiatrist in Phoenix

Phoenix  Foot Doctor

Podiatrist in Phoenix

Podiatrist in Phoenix

Taking care of your feet is probably last thing on your mind. Many of us use our feet every day and never quite realize just how much we rely on them and use them to get things done. They help get us from place to place and they make completing tasks and daily routines completely possible. For those who play sports, foot health is essential. It may not be an obvious thing to take care of your teeth until you suffer from an injury, a condition, or some other development. Here at Desert Foot Surgeons, our podiatrist in Phoenix Dr. Geller can help patients treat a variety of ailments relating to the foot.

There are plenty of things that a foot doctor can do for you and help you treat. Our podiatrist in Phoenix, Dr. Geller, also offers free consultations for patients as well. So even if you are not sure what is wrong, Dr. Geller can help you figure out what the problem may be at no cost to you. For patients living with diabetes, foot care may be a regular thing that you need to take care of considering the complications related to the disease itself. Here at Desert Foot Surgeons we can provide diabetic foot and wound care to those patients that need it. Bunions and hammertoes are rather common foot deformities that can occur over time. These conditions can be caused by footwear, genetics, injuries, or any other number of causes but Dr. Geller can easily provide treatment or surgery if needed. Additionally, Dr. Geller can also provide cosmetic foot surgery for people who simply want to improve the appearance of their feet as well. Reconstructive rear foot surgery can help patients who are suffering from pain or deformities found in that area of the foot. Even if you have a fracture or a sprain, our podiatrist in Phoenix can provide you with the foot care that you need.

If you have any kind of foot issue, concern, or have suffered an injury or are experiencing pain, our podiatrist in Phoenix here at Desert Foot Surgeons can provide you with the comprehensive care that you need to get back on your feet in no time.

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Podiatry Office in Phoenix

Podiatry Procedures

Foot pain can be not only massively uncomfortable but it can have a negative impact on your entire lifestyle. Everything you do during the day seems to require the use of your feet, moving from one place to another. At Desert Foot Surgeons, we use podiatry procedures to help you regain your ability to function daily and to relieve your pain. So if you’re experiencing foot problems of any sort, just call our podiatry office in Phoenix and schedule an examination and consultation with Dr. Stephen Geller. You can be fully confident because he is double board certified in primary podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery. Let’s get started and find out what it is that will help you.

Podiatry Office in Phoenix

Podiatry Office in Phoenix

Bunions, with are bony protrusions usually found at the base of your big toe right were the joint is attached to the foot, can be removed safely and effectively. This may not be necessary in all cases, as bunions sometimes cause no pain at all. Often, lifestyle changes- such as a change in the type of shoes your wear- or the use of arch supports or bunion pads will be sufficient to address the problem. When pain is severe and interfering in your life, our podiatry office in Phoenix may recommend surgery. Bunions can also lead to hammertoes, in which the middle joint of your toe is stuck in a bent position. There are other causes of hammertoes and those who are diabetic or have circulation problems have to be especially careful. Again, surgery is a last resort, but if the pressure and pain is too extreme and/or other methods have proved ineffective, it may be a good idea. Other situations that can be addressed by podiatric surgery include correcting deformities in your ankle or heels with reconstructive rear foot surgery and setting fractures that occur in the ankle or foot.

Beyond pain, our podiatry office in Phoenix is also pleased to offer cosmetic foot surgery. If you are unhappy with or embarrassed by the look of your feet or toes, Dr. Geller can discuss the benefits of surgery to improve the situation. There is no need to simply accept having feet that make you feel self-conscious or unwilling to remove your shoes. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

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Bunions Inherited: Don’t Blame Your Shoes, Some Can Help

I’ve said this before.  Glad to see more web information to support the position that bunions are not caused by shoes.

Check out my prior post, “Hate The Bunion, Not The Shoe”.

Here is the recent post that is also interesting.


Quick Recovery From Bunion Surgery

How are you going to take care of yourself after bunion surgery?  There are a lot of factors involved in planning for your surgery, not only by me, but more importantly by you.  If you have not already done so, download a copy of my ebook, “Top 3 Things To Know Before Surgery”.

Here are some things you need to plan for after your bunion surgery to make the recovery as easy as possible.

  1. Which foot is having surgery?  If it is your right foot, you will not be allowed to drive until the bone is healed.  This is a huge factor for everyone.  How dependent are you on your car?  Your recovery may involve physical therapy besides doctors visits, work, getting kids or grandkids to their various activities.  Plan for carpooling before your surgery to save you the headache and temptation to drive, which will slow your healing if you don’t follow instructions.  Your left foot is much easier unless you drive a standard transmission (stick shift).
  2. Weight bearing:  Bunion surgery involves creating a surgical break in your bone.  The area where your bone is broken will determine if you are allowed to walk after your surgery or if you will need a period of time without putting weight on your foot.  At Desert Foot Surgeons we discuss all of the options before your surgery and make training has been satisfactory before you have your surgery.  The various ways to stay off your foot are crutches, wheelchair, or knee walker.  A cane or walker are not adequate assistive devices for keeping weight off of your foot.
  3. The kitchen is the most dangerous room to be in after you have foot surgery!  Why such a harsh statement condemning the room everyone gathers to on a daily basis?  Cabinets!!  The area under your cabinet is just big enough to get a foot under, but when you have a surgical shoe, boot, or cast on your foot, not so much.  Appropriately named the toe kick, more often than not a patient will get their foot stuck beneath the kitchen cabinet and damage their surgery trying to get the foot out.  I find it easier just to avoid the cabinet area of your kitchen all together.  Prepare a weeks worth of meals before you have surgery.
  4. Three days of doing nothing.  If you can give me 3 days of laying in bed or on the couch with your foot above your heart, ice behind your knee, and barely take any steps; I can assure you that swelling, pain, and ultimately recovery time will all be much less.  The better behaved you are following the directions the first 3 days, the better your bunion surgery experience will be.


I want your surgical experience to go as smooth as possible.  The way to make sure this happens is to be prepared before you have surgery.

Bunion and Hammertoe Straighteners: Get Serious!!

Even though feet are like snowflakes, no two are the same; that lump or bump at the base of the your big toe and curling toes are getting painful.  Surgery does not fit into your plans with all the demands on you right now.  Maybe your busy schedule has you traveling where you pick up a magazine and notice the toe separator sock toting all the benefits of wearing this $20 sock that will straighten your hammertoes and bunion forever.  Seriously?!

I want everyone who reads this to memorize this next sentence.  I am here to make your feet better!  If a $20 sock would alleviate bunions and hammertoes, don’t you think that everyone in the world would use these?  I don’t want to take someone to surgery who can be fixed by wearing a sock to sleep.  Let’s face the facts, bunions and hammertoes are deformities.  There is an alignment problem with your bones.  Stretching the muscles will not change how your bones are lining up.

Reviewing the options for hammertoes and bunions other than surgery:

  1. changing your shoe style to avoid pressure on the painful area
  2. padding your painful bunion or hammertoe so that it doesn’t rub on your shoe
  3. anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen to relieve pain as needed

That’s all the options.  Notice that there is no splinting option because splinting doesn’t work.  I really wish it did, but it doesn’t.

If you have painful bunions and hammertoes and want to get a real opinion what can be done, come to Desert Foot Surgeons.  We fix feet!