Bunion Surgery Without The Pin

When you have foot surgery, you want your foot to look better immediately.  When that first bandage is removed, I want you to say, “Wow! That looks good.”  Do you think you would be able to say that with a pin sticking out of your foot?

Why do some surgeons still use pins that stick out of your foot?  A bunion is a “deformity”, which means bones have shifted out of position leaving you with a bump or lump behind your big toe.  In order to fix this deformity, bone must be shifted back into position to get rid of the prominence.  The way I shift bone back into position involves cutting the bone at some point, basically the same as saying I am breaking your bone to shift it back into the correct spot.  Broken bones heal fastest when held together using screws, staples, pins, etc.  There are a huge number of options, but just casting your foot is not one of them.

Now the question, would you want a pin sticking out of your skin?  Plain and simple…don’t give me a “maybe” or “if”…no “that depends”.  Would you want to see a pin sticking out of your foot when that first bandage is removed?  My answer would be NO!!  Things are not supposed to be sticking out of your foot.  Everything that belongs in your body is supposed to stay under your skin.

When devices to hold bones together, now called fixation, were first discovered there was no option.  A pin had to be used because it was the only form of fixation available.  But now medical science has advanced.  We have a variety of screws made out of space age metals like titanium, staples made out of nitinol or memometal, plates designed by computer to fit the bones precisely, pins and screws that absorb in your body over time.  It’s my job to make your foot look and feel better.  Why would I leave a pin sticking out of your foot when I have all these options?

At Desert Foot Surgeons, your surgery is done using the most up to date technology and techniques.  You won’t have a pin sticking out of your foot.  I want you to look and feel better as soon as you leave the operating room.  Cosmetic foot surgery is not magic, it just takes attention to detail.  There will be no surprises after your surgery since everything is carefully planned and reviewed with you long before you get to the hospital or surgery center.  This is our “personalized approach” to foot care.  Come to Desert Foot Surgeons and see the difference.