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Heel pain in Phoenix

Best podiatrist in Phoenix

Best podiatrist in Phoenix

Don’t ignore it when you suffer pain in your heel. It can be tempting to think it will just go away, but it’s there for a reason. It’s alerting you to a problem. When you come in for an examination at Desert Foot Surgeons, our best podiatrist in Phoenix will determine what the problem is, with accurate diagnosis, followed by evaluation and the appropriate treatment. The goal is to have you back on your feet and free of pain as quickly as possible.

There are two common reasons for heel pain. The first is called plantar fasciitis. It is the name for the irritation or inflammation of the tough band of tissue connecting your heel bone to your toes. The pain might be worse first thing in the morning or when you get up from a sitting position after a while. Heel spurs, on the other hand, are abnormal bone growths that appear on the heel bone. They are the result of calcium deposits. It’s possible to have both plantar fasciitis and heel spurs at the same time. It’s also possible that you may have either condition and not be experiencing any pain at all, at least not at first. But most cases will lead to pain of some degree sooner or later. Typical risk factors for developing heel pain are wearing shoes without sufficient support, having flat feet, and having high arches. Upon diagnosis, our best podiatrist will select a treatment that provides prompt relief. Often this can be done with orthotics, shoe inserts, that will take the pressure and stress off your heel and allow for recovery. For more serious cases, medication and/or surgery may be applicable.

Get timely and expert attention for your heel pain. Reach out to our office to schedule an appointment to come in and see our best podiatrist in Phoenix.

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