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Welcome to my website. I’m Dr. Stephen Geller of Desert Foot Surgeons, PLLC and I understand that choosing a foot surgeon can be difficult. Please look around, take your time, the articles on this site were written by me for my patients.I built Desert Foot Surgeons around the treatment of the most challenging foot problems, things other doctors don’t want to treat. Athletes with foot pain, patients with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and victims of stroke, heart attacks, blood clots or traumatic injuries are people I treat everyday. In a typical week I’ll also see things people don’t talk about much, children with cerebral palsy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, and the problems of surgeries gone wrong. I see everyday people with common foot problems too, but it’s by combining the medical, mechanical, and surgical treatment of foot problems that makes me different and has lead to my successful treatment of so many people. People just like you.The team approach at Desert Foot Surgeons is a little bit different. You are the key player and I am your coach. Working together, problems that other doctors would not or could not treat are successfully treated. My staff is the best in Arizona at getting you the extra things you need. They will help you with insurance, schedule special tests, arrange for physical therapy, or other doctors visits. It’s old-fashioned concern, but your treatment will be state of the art.I have digital x-rays that I can show you on the computer in the privacy of your treatment room. Have an emergency while I’m teaching the residents at Maricopa Medical Center? Still call and come in. I can see x-rays from the office on any computer. If you need your circulation tested in detail, I have a machine for that in the office. I can even videotape you running or walking to see things the naked eye can’t catch. There’s a lot of technology in medicine, but I only use the advances that give you the best treatment possible.Don’t you want your feet in the hands of the doctor who treats the most challenging foot problems? Again, I’m Dr. Steve Geller and thank you for visiting my website.